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NHEP September Activities

State of the Estuaries Conference Brochure Mailed

Estuaries Month Events

Second Meeting of the Regional Outfall Study Commission

NROC Meeting

Association of National Estuary Programs / National Estuary Program Biennial Meeting

Management Committee Meeting

Seabrook Station Donation

EPA/Gulf of Maine Council Meeting

Third Meeting of the Regional Outfall Study Commission

NEW Publications & Reports

 Peirce Island Pool Discharge Elimination

NHEP Upcoming Events

Estuaries Month

Estuaries Expo

2003 State of the Estuaries Conference

NHEP Funding Subcommittee Meeting

Strategic Communication Subcommittee Meeting

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9/3/03 – State of the Estuaries Conference Brochure Mailed

Twelve hundred (1,200) brochures were mailed to NHEP contacts and Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve contact lists.

Estuaries Month Events

9/11 - Hilton Park Clean Up (Great Bay Coast Watch), 9am at Hilton Park in Dover

9/19 to 9/21 - Heritage Festival Education Booth (Town of Newmarket’s Conservation Commission) at Town Landing on Water Street, Newmarket

9/20 - Lamprey Riverfront Property Cleanup (Lamprey River Local Advisory Committee), 10am-12pm at Suke Property in Epping

9/21 - Oyster River Cleanup (UNH Office of Sustainability Programs), 9am-1pm at Durham Town Landing, Durham

9/27 - Paddle on the Pond (Advocates for the North Mill Pond), 10am-12pm at North Mill Pond, Portsmouth

9/11/03 - Second Meeting of the Regional Outfall Study Commission

Jennifer Hunter attended the meeting, which involved continued discussion by the group on developing a Request for Proposals to hire a consultant to look at the feasibility of a regional collection and discharge system for WWTP effluent. 

9/16/03 - NROC Meeting

Dave Kellam attended the meeting that included updates on current NROC communities (Somersworth, Candia and Nottingham), announcement that NHEP implementation project funds will be extended through to 2004, a discussion of how to pay for GIS Mapping services, formation of a subcommittee to look at programs that help communities with regulatory issues and plans for the 2004 NROC season.  For full minutes from the meeting, contact Dave Kellam.

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9/17 – 9/19/03 - Association of National Estuary Program / National Estuary Programs Biennial Meeting

Jennifer Hunter attended the 3-day meeting in Seattle with other NEP Directors and EPA program managers.  The first day involved developing priorities and a workplan for the Association of National Estuary Programs as the organization moves forward.  The second and third days of the meeting involved program updates from EPA, sessions on working with foundations, monitoring programs, national ocean/coastal reports, and a discussion of the EPA implementation review process.

9/24/03 - Management Committee Meeting

Highlights of the meeting included finalization and approval of the NHEP Bylaws, brief update on the 2003 State of the Estuaries Report, State of the Estuaries Conference, Estuaries Expo, RFPs, discussion and approval of the 2004 monitoring program, and discussion of the Regional Outfall Study Commission.

9/24/03  Seabrook Station Donation

FPL Energy Seabrook Station presented the New Hampshire Estuaries Project with a $15,000 donation after the Management Committee meeting to support the project’s efforts to improve water quality in the Hampton-Seabrook estuary. The donation, made on the occasion of New Hampshire Estuaries Month, was Seabrook Station’s sixth annual donation to the Estuaries Project.  See the article that appeared in the Portsmouth Herald

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9/29/03 - EPA/Gulf of Maine Council Meeting

Jennifer Hunter gave a presentation to representatives from the Gulf of Maine Council and EPA at a workshop organized by EPA in Boston.  She discussed activities being undertaken by the NHEP that help implement the Gulf of Maine Council's five-year Action Plan. Directors from the Massachusetts Bays NEP and Casco Bay NEP also participated in the regional meeting. 

9/30/03 - Third Meeting of the Regional Outfall Study Commission

Jennifer Hunter participated in the meeting at which a Request for Proposals (RFP) was finalized by the group.  The RFP involves services to evaluate a number of alternatives for WWTP effluent treatment and disposal, including advanced treatment, combining and discharging effluent, and groundwater recharge, at a minimum.  For each alternative, environmental impacts, costs, and technical feasibility will be evaluated.  Communities will be able to use the resulting study to make informed decisions on WWTP options.

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 NEW PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS go to the publications page of the NHEP website to view past reports

9/19/03 - Peirce Island Pool Discharge Elimination

The report describes the NHEP-funded project administered by the NH DES that eliminated a direct discharge of pollution from the Peirce Island pool to the Piscataqua River.  With the grant funds, town funds, and in-kind services, the City of Portsmouth installed a pump system and new piping to deliver the pool filter backwash to the Peirce Island wastewater treatment facility via a force main.  For more information on the report, contact the NHEP Office.

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NHEP UPCOMING EVENTS & MEETINGS go to the Events page of the NHEP website for complete listing

Estuaries Month Continues

10/17 - UNH Sustainability Fair Education Booth (LifeWise Community Projects, Inc) 10am-2pm, Memorial Union Building Durham

10/25 – Wildlife Tracking Program (Bear-Paw Regional Greenways) at Nottingham School, Nottingham

Full event descriptions are posted on the NHEP website.  For further information contact Matt Craig.

Estuaries Expo Saturday, October 18, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, Urban Forestry Center

How healthy are New Hampshire’s estuaries?  This question will be answered during the NH Estuaries Expo:  a free “open house” that features estuarine scientists explaining the environmental status of the State’s bays and related resources.  In addition to learning about current research, participants can also enjoy a variety of presentations, such as a shellfish identification demonstration, a nature walk along Sagamore Creek, and a local seafood session entitled “Seafood for Thought” featuring local seafood resources and a chef from 43 Degrees North in Portsmouth preparing food for education. This event is a great way to learn how to become involved in the community-based effort to improve the health of our estuaries.  Read more at the NHEP Website.

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2003 State of the Estuaries Conference Monday and Tuesday, October 20 & 21, Yokens Conference Center

This technical conference examines key environmental health indicators of New Hampshire’s estuarine systems.  It is a joint effort between the NHEP and the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. (REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED.   Current registration is 148 attendees). A conference agenda is available on the NHEP website.

NHEP Funding Subcommittee Meeting – October 29, Location TBA

This is the first meeting of the NHEP subcommittee to develop long-term funding strategies for the organization.  Contact Jennifer Hunter for information.

Strategic Communication Subcommittee Meeting – November 4, NHEP Office

This is the first meeting of communication professionals in the Seacoast to begin the development of the NHEP Strategic Communication Plan.  For details contact Dave Kellam.


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