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The PREP provides a variety of resources that facilitate the understanding and management of the state's estuaries.

The PREP Publications page includes Final Reports of PREP-funded projects, as well as publications produced by the PREP.

On the Links webpage, partnering organizations are organized into six categories: Water Quality
Land Use, Development, and Habitat, Shellfish
Habitat Restoration, Public Outreach and Education, Monitoring, and Volunteering Opportunities.

Maps of the NH Coastal Watershed, Great Bay and Hampton Harbor are available in 8.5"X11" format. Also available are impervious surface maps and buffere characterization maps for all 42 coastal watershed communities.

Buffers are an important tool in helping to protect water quality. A buffer is a vegetated area along a shoreline, wetland, or stream where development is restricted or prohibited. This webpage includes outreach services to help communites better protect buffers.

Proper septic system mainentance will protect water quality. Homeowners can learn the basics from this website that includes NH Department of Environmental Services' recommendations for caring for a septic system.

For projects requiring Quality Assurance Project Plans, examples of completed plans are available for review.















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Shellfishing in New Hampshire

For current shellfishing conditions, go to NH Fish and Game's Clam Flat Status website or call the Clam Hotine at

For maps of all opened areas in NH and general shellfishing information, go to the NH Department of Environmental Service's Shellfish Program website or call
603- 559-1509.